Our Country, Not Ourselves

What is Army ROTC?

ROTC is a commissioning program designed to promote leadership skills for future military and civilian careers. Here, we combine college electives in military science with practical leadership training to prepare men and women to become U.S. Army Officers.

ROTC training goes beyond the typical college classroom, allowing students to learn skills that include motivating co-workers, coping with the unexpected and organizing complex tasks while utilizing teamwork, tact, and effective communication. We build leaders which are in demand in both the public sector and business world.

Army ROTC awards scholarships to many qualified students based strictly on merit to the most outstanding students. Army ROTC Advanced Course receives a tax-free stipend of $420 per month. Scholarship students receive tuition & fees, the monthly stipend, and additional funding of approximately $1200 each school year for books. Students entering the Advanced Course must agree to complete a period of military service, with either Active Duty, Army Reserve or Army National Guard upon graduation. Students successfully completing the ROTC course will graduate with a diploma and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

To see an in-depth definition of the Department of Defense and its mission, check out this link.

Earn a Minor in Military Science

As part of our program, students have the opportunity to earn a military minor. You can learn more here or by contacting MAJ Tanya J. Tersillo, E: ttersil@ncsu.edu.

Contact Us:

Located at William Neal Reynolds Coliseum, we are here to assist our Cadets! For more information, please contact Mr. Stephen Johnson: O: 919.513.0863, C: 910.973.7656, or E: smjohn18@ncsu.edu.