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Green-to-Gold Program

The Army Green to Gold Program provides Enlisted Soldiers an opportunity to pursue a commission as an Army Officers. Soldiers can work toward either a baccalaureate or graduate degree while participating in the ROTC leadership program. Green to Gold options are:

  • Green to Gold Scholarship Option – Selected Soldiers will leave active duty status to attend college. This can be a two, three, or four-year program. The Army will provide full tuition and fees or room and board (capped at $10,000), $600 per semester for books, and a monthly stipend ($420).
  • Green to Gold Active Duty Option – Selected Soldiers will remain on Active Duty and be reassigned to the university location. The soldier must be able to complete their degree requirements in two years.  Soldiers will retain their current pay and allowances while completing their last two years of school. The Soldier is responsible for paying for the cost of attending school (tuition, fees, & books); most Soldiers elect to use their GI benefits to cover the cost of school.
  • Green to Gold Non-Scholarship Option – Qualified Soldiers will leave active duty status to attend college. The soldier must be able to complete their degree requirements in two years. The Army will provide a monthly stipend ($420). All expenses are the Soldiers responsibility; most Soldiers elect to use their Post 9/11 GI benefits to cover the cost of school and provide a living allowance.

Learn More

The Campbell University Recruiting Officer (Dr. Chris Psaltis) provides information briefings at the Fort Bragg Education Center, corner of Knox and Randolph St., every Tuesday & Thursday @ 0900 hrs. Wing-A, conference room.

Watch the briefing online! If you do not have time to attend the weekly briefing at Fort Bragg, check out these Green to Gold videos:



Additional Information

  • Information Sheet: Includes eligibility requirements
  • Green to Gold Checklist: Documents required to submit an application for the Scholarship and Active Duty Options.
  • Green to Gold Non-Scholarship Checklist: Documents required to validate eligibility for the Non-Scholarship Option.  There is no centralized board for this option.  It is a local process completed between the NCSU  Recruiting Officer (Fort Bragg Green to Gold Representative) and your local commander.
  • CC form 174R (2015 version)
  • CC form 228 (Financial Statement)
  • Affidavit format
  • Waiver Matrix
  • Routing formats for waivers.  The following DA 4187 examples provide details for filling out the front and back pages based on which headquarters is the approving authority:
    • DA-4187 4th BDE Approval Routing form
      • Age Waiver up to 32 years at graduation
      • Civil Waiver (traffic fines more than $250)
      • Dependent Waiver (3 or more children, or dual military with children)
      • Re-enrollment into an ROTC program
    • DA-4187 HQ USACC Approval Routing form
      • Age Waiver 33-39 years at graduation
      • Civil misdemeanor; any adverse disposition
      • ACT or SAT Waiver
      • Grade Point Average Waiver
      • Dependent (Sole parent; joint custody)
      • Active Federal Service
    • DA-4187 HRC Approval Routing form
      • Age Waiver above 40 years at graduation
      • Training Service Obligation Waiver
      • Time in Service Waiver (under 2 years of active service)
  • Examples for all waivers (Age, Dependent, Civil, Active Federal Service, Time in Service, and Service Obligation). These can be found in the back of the Cadet Command Green to Gold Information Booklet.
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