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Cadet Summer Training

Basic Camp

basic camp

For Prospective Cadets who would like to join Army ROTC but did not enroll until the end of Sophomore year, Basic Camp covers all the information instructed during MS101/102 and MS201/202, allowing interested students to enter the program at the beginning of their Junior year. From the Cadet Command Web Site:

  • The Soldier First Phase. This is a Basic “introduction to the Army” to teach cadets skills and knowledge necessary to successfully participate in the next three phases. Cadets have described this phase as “teaching them what right looks like”. Specifically, cadets learn military customs and courtesies such as saluting, how to wear the uniform and how to march.
  • The Warrior Leader Phase. This part of their training covers adventure training, which builds both cadet self confidence and unit esprit-de-corps. Focus is on individual skills as a precursor to learning group dynamics. Cadets learn basic military skills in order to function as a small group member.
  • The Bold Leader Phase. This phase is the course’s “Capstone Exercise”. Cadets are exposed to squad level operations where cadre assesses the cadet’s leadership ability in a field environment. The Field Training Exercise is intentionally tough and introduces the element of stress. Throughout the exercise cadets encounter physical and mental obstacles that challenge them as a person, cadet and leader.
  • The Future Leader Phase. This portion of the cadet’s training introduces them to the social aspect of the Army. Final briefings are conducted as well as a Family Day in conjunction with a cadet run graduation ceremony.

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